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An OOTP17 Baseball Sim League

The next sim is: TBD upgrading to ootp17
The current game date is: 10/25/2031...
Congrats to the Las Vegas Blackjacks on winning the 2031 World Series!
The NABL league is currently full
We are starting the 2031-2032 off season....

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Whitby Trading Block


Whitby Trading Block Empty Whitby Trading Block

Post by Guest on February 13th 2016, 1:33 pm

Pete Anderson is on the block. Looking for a veteran outfielder good bat good defense. Also looking to improve the Bullpen. Anderson is signed at 22m through 2030. PM or email me with interests and offer.

Whitby Trading Block Empty Re: Whitby Trading Block

Post by Guest on February 13th 2016, 7:19 pm

I just started managing Denver. I like ace starters & don't have one. I looked over my outfield. 3 main starters: Molina, Ortiz, James, gotta keep them. Two extras with good bat/field are Collignon, Ayala & also Blair is pretty good but not veteran although he hit .385 in his first ML year of only 13 at bats. Ayala is also not vet, although he's about to splash with AAA recent 2 years of .289 BA, 39 HR, 129 RBI. 

That leaves Collignon: 2 year ML experience but was used mostly as DH even though his fielding stats are good in RF: I would field him more, and will, if I keep him. This is where I part from bogus scout who underrates him. So it's called a "hidden talent" because the stats (27 G, 21 GS) are better than the scout/personality rating suggests. 

It basically means he's a good fielder but underrated by scout who needs to see more experience to rate him for what he really is: IMO the main weakness in OOTP (IRL you can see a good/bad fielder at practice). Anyway, it creates this hidden talent feature in the game, but you have to know how to read it. On top of that, is the fact that fielding quality between average & excellent is not a huge factor in OOTP which is hitting (slugging) biased: fielding talent is not nearly as important as hitting talent. The factor between average & weak fielding is more pronounced in the game's algorithm. (Told to me by a statistician discussing on OOTP forum.)

Collignon, age 28 (turns 29 2/28)- 2 full years ML vet (2028, 2029) 
.285 + .317 = .301 BA, 24 + 35 HRs, 77 + 91 RBIs
2029 in Right Field: RF 2.23, ZR +0.4, EFF 1.007 (1 error in 195 IP outfield) (scout: "average fielder")

There's also Caine (2029 AAA: 26 HR, 90 RBI), but his OF range isn't as good as the others.

Choose any 2 of these four outfielders (Collignon, Ayala, Blaire, Cain) for your aging ace.

All are paid minimum ML salary, 
so your budget improvement is $21.04M

Whitby Trading Block Empty Re: Whitby Trading Block

Post by Guest on February 14th 2016, 10:24 pm

I sent you a PM

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