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Dug Riddler Finally Makes the Call

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Dug Riddler Finally Makes the Call

Post by Bumstead on October 19th 2012, 12:06 pm

Jeff Palin and Billy Hillfinder are in the conference room in their Wingate office discussing their future.

Jeff Palin: Billy, I think we are done with this team in Wingate.
Billy Hillfinder: Why, what happened? Hold on, I gotta let the dogs out.
JP: Damnit Billy, I told you not to bring those dogs to work!
BH: There are 16 of them and if I don't bring them one of them decides he has to crap on the floor and then all of them follow suit...I will just put them in Dug's old office...
JP: Fine..
JP: Ok Billy, look, I don't want to re-hash all the drama in AHIBA3. It's time to move on. I'm shutting down this operation right now.
BH: What will we do for jobs. I ain't got no skills and no newspaper will hire me now.
JP: I don't really know Billy, but we are done here.
phone rings...Mr.Palin puts it on speaker.
JP: Hello, this office is closed, so maybe you should call the commissioner's office if you need something.
Dug Riddler: Closed? Mr. Palin do you know who this is?
BH: You know, that sounds like Dug. Can't be can it?
DR: Billy, you are still there? Mr.Palin, you are out of your mind keeping him around. Does he have a title yet?
JP: Shut up Dug. I don't want to listen to the 2 of you bicker today. I'm shutting down operations for the Wingate Gladiators so if you just called to rub it in that your team is still running on all cylinders, I'm not interested in hearing it.
DR: Uh...that's not why I called.
JP: What do you want Dug?
DR: I want you to come work for me.
JP: Work for you? Do you really think that Billy and I could work FOR you?
DR: I didn't say anything about Billy. I want you to be the General Manager for the Tacoma Titans.
JP: Really? Billy and I work together...
DR: Billy doesn't do shit.
BH: Hey! I do my job just like Mr. Palin asks.
DR: What is your job Billy
BH: Well..uh...tell Dug Mr.Palin
JP: Well...that's neither here nor there Dug. The thing is, Billy works for me period. What happened to the GM you hired 10 years ago.
DR: Well...let's just say we had some difficulties.
JP: I hear the whole league is having difficulties. I have had enough "difficulties" in AHIBA3.
DR: Yeah, well, that's why I want you to take over. I need help.
JP: I don't know. I got this stadium here in Wingate. Maybe I will just buy my way into the league.
BH: Yeah, Dug. Maybe we will just buy our way in.
JP: We?
BH: uh...I thought we was a team...
JP: Not when it comes to money, unless you are hiding something from me Billy.
BH: Well, I do have $342 saved up, but I was gonna use that fer 2 more hunting dogs.
JP: 2 more hunting dogs...YOU HAVE 16 ALREADY BILLY! Sometimes you are an idiot!
BH: You just don't understand...ok, I will contribute part of my money then.
JP: No thanks Billy. I don't think your $171 is really going to be much help.
DR: Guys! C'mon, I want you to come to Tacoma. Even Billy can come.
JP: What about my stadium here?
DR: What about it? Sell it, I don't care.
JP: Nope, that won't work. The people of this town will all go bankrupt if I abandon it.
DR: What do you want me to do?
JP: Make Wingate your AAA team.
DR: Absolutely not. We are in Washington state if you don't know where Tacoma is!
BH: Washington state? How's the hunting there? Is there a place for me to park my trailor?
DR: Shut up Billy!
BH: I may not come if it's going to be like this...
JP: Oh shut up Billy!
JP: Dug, I can't abandon these fine folks here in Wingate.
DR: Sigh...Alright, alright...I will move our Rookie League team to Wingate.
JP: Rookie League? That's an insult.
DR: Look, that's the best I can do and honestly people aren't going to be happy with that! People in BFE Oregon are going to be pretty ticked that they lost their team. So, do we have a deal?
JP: What do you think Billy?
BH: Dug's been pretty rude to this point and I'm not sure I ever liked him. Remember when he ditched us after he went and won the lottery? Remember how mean he was to my dogs back in the day? I don't rightly know what to think.
DR: Billy, you are an idiot.
JP: Well, since I agree with Billy...
DR: You agree with Billy?
JP: Don't interrupt me Dug. Don't get all high and mighty just because you won all that money. Billy and I will come on one more condition.
DR: I'm not much for granting anymore conditions after I just gave you a Rookie Ball team...
BH: See what I was sayin' Mr. Palin?
JP: Oh, I see it. The condition is two-fold: you get Mary Jane Pleasant a job covering us at the local paper and Reid Cornelius comes along as our assistant to the Scout/Marketing Coordinator/Pitching Coach.
DR: You are out of your mind. That guy sucked as a pitcher for the Marlins and then you sent him to stalk that idiot from Quebec, whom he apparently had some sort of unnatural feelings for. Why would you even request something so ludicrous?
JP: Do we have a deal or not?
DR: Yes, yes, I will call the paper tomorrow, I'm sure Mary Jane will fit in nicely there. I will tell them to have plenty of snacks around when she's in the office too. Reid frickin' Cornelius...having Billy around is bad enough, but now Cornelius too...
BH: Just wait till my dogs find your office Dug.
DR: Billy! You will be working for me now, so I wouldn't do that if I were you!
JP: Now Dug, let's remember this; Billy works for me and only me. I will control what he does and doesn't do. You will not have any authority over it.
DR: Mr. Palin, with all due respect, the tables have turned a bit here.
JP: Not if you want me to run your team they haven't.
DR: Alright, just get here as soon as you can so that we can introduce you as the new General Manager. By the way, we have to draft a scout and then we are re-drafting the entire league.
JP: What?
DR: I will explain it when you get here. Now come on!
Phone clicks as Dug hangs up.
JP: Well, Billy, let's load 'em up and head 'em out.

Re: Dug Riddler Finally Makes the Call

Post by Guest on October 20th 2012, 1:29 am

Another classic conversation

Re: Dug Riddler Finally Makes the Call

Post by Guest on October 20th 2012, 11:52 am

And the adventure begins.

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Re: Dug Riddler Finally Makes the Call

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