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An OOTP17 Baseball Sim League

The next sim is: TBD upgrading to ootp17
The current game date is: 10/25/2031...
Congrats to the Las Vegas Blackjacks on winning the 2031 World Series!
The NABL league is currently full
We are starting the 2031-2032 off season....

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Javier Barrón, The Smartest Man on the Field


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Javier Barrón, The Smartest Man on the Field

Post by Rich on March 22nd 2013, 10:00 am

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020
Throughout baseball's history, a player's intelligence has rarely factored into his legacy. Some player insist that in fact, intelligent player's are looked down on by GM's and owners as someone they would rather not have in their locker room. After all, a smart player is less likely to make dumb financial decisions and accept a bad contract.

However, when a player as good as Javier Barrón walks on the field, GM's and owners alike take note even though he would fit in just as well in the owner's meeting. As a young boy, Barrón had an IQ of 150. Growing up in Altamira, he dreamed about baseball...and going to University. He had always been naturally athletic, but also excelled in academics.

When asked now why he went to college even though he had numerous chances to sign with a professional team right out of high school he said, "I know my baseball career isn't going to last forever and when it's gone, it was important to have something to fall back to. In college, I majored in business management and it has really changed the way I look at the business of baseball."

His brain power has certainly not made him any enemies in the locker room. Tacoma Titans teammate, Chris Gibson, said of Javier, "He is the most normal ball player in the world. He puts on his cleats one at a time just like the rest of the team. Of course, unlike the rest of the guys, he occasionally talks about which companies to invest our money in, and that's when we tend to do something smart - we shut up and listen."

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