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An OOTP17 Baseball Sim League

The next sim is: TBD upgrading to ootp17
The current game date is: 10/25/2031...
Congrats to the Las Vegas Blackjacks on winning the 2031 World Series!
The NABL league is currently full
We are starting the 2031-2032 off season....

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2020 Tacoma Titans

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2020 Tacoma Titans

Post by Bumstead on December 16th 2012, 7:01 pm

The 2020 Tacoma Titans are a remake after 9 straight division titles prior to the break up and restart of the North American Baseball League.

The Rotation:

1: Salvador Acuna - a true #1 starter and a star in the NABL. One of the very best starters in the league.
2: Daryl Wyman - solid starter.
3: Emilio Rivera - a horse that can log a lot of innings.
4: Chris Hopewell - rookie with nice stuff; should be a solid addition to the rotation.
5: Jorge Villegas - back to back solid seasons in the NABL (27 wins); should make a very nice 5th starter.

Closer: Chris Gibson - solid closer who recorded 24 saves last season.

Middle Relief crew was put together very late in the process due to some financial issues and budget concerns. This should be a work in process all season.

The Lineup:

Kevin Weaver LF - a really good leadoff hitter that gets on base and then usually takes the next base.
Ivan Valverde SS - Tremendous all around player.
Jordan Perfect C - One of the very best hitting catchers in the NABL.
Ralph Mathias CF - Like Valverde, just another tremendous all around player.
Forest Halpenny 3B - Not playing his best position, but another solid player.
Javier Barron RF - Nice young player with under-rated power; could really make a difference in this lineup.
Dwight Miller 1B - Won the 1B job in spring training but is probably on a short leash; has the potential to be a high average hitter in the NABL.
Augustin Saltzman DH - Another guy on a short leash with so many options at this position and 1B.
Benoit Forget 2B - young 2B with an under-rated bat.

Roberto Burgos and Jerry Curtis are names that will surface as contributors in this lineup as the season moves along.

Overall, the question will be whether the pitching will be able to hold teams down enough to allow this lineup to win games with their bats. Will the GM be able to patchwork the relief corps to get through the late innings or will the lack of budget $$ bite this team in the butt in the end. The GM put together a tremendous group of players in the field, but it appears there are some holes in the pitching staff.

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